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Turbo League is a racing game

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Posted on: 02/20/18
In 2015, a multiplatform game called "Rocket League" burst into flames. The game combines racing and soccer to allow players to control the car to play football Rocket League Keys. Because of its excellent screen effect and the fun of real-time competition, the game has become popular and has attracted many players.

Turbo League is a fast paced racing game produced by the game development team zerofourgames. Turbo League is a racing game, but the core of the game is not the speed. As mentioned above, this is a game that emulates the Rocket League. So the core game of the Turbo League is similar to Rocket League. The player will play the game on a field similar to a football field by driving a car. The rules of a regular football match are not applicable here. There is only one rule, which is to kick the ball into the opponent's goal Rocket League Crates.

The game features a 3V3 fast-paced game. Players can customize the shape of the car. The game also offers a variety of colors and patterns to allow players to choose freely. In addition, "Turbo League" will be available on android and iOS platforms, enabling players from all over the world to participate in the game and be able to play in real time with players from different regions. "Turbo League" has not yet released the exact date of launch. Interested players please follow up on the follow-up report.


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