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The Warriors almost won the championship

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Posted on: 04/04/18
On April 4, according to "USA Today," the large area of ​​injury and the fierce competition in the outside world have caused the Warriors' FMVP Kevin Durant to lack sufficient confidence in the Warriors' prospects for defending the team. In an interview recently, Durant admitted that the Warriors are not invincible in the playoffs.

Given the current injury situation of the Warriors and the upcoming opening of the playoffs, the outside world's doubt is whether the Warriors can defend their success.

In response, Durant appeared somewhat under-enforced: "I can't make predictions. I hope I can predict. But I feel good about our current situation. We have to experience some setbacks."

The biggest change in the Warriors in the playoffs is knee injury in the 2nd regular season MVP Curry. According to the current news, Curry is likely to miss the first round of the playoffs.

"If Stephen returns, we will be very excited and our strength will surely get stronger," said Durant. "But if he doesn't return, I can't be discouraged. I have to do my best on the court. Ray and Draymond must also do it."

"We must keep the same thinking because this is a team sport. If two or three people can't stay focused, then you may still lose. This is the experience I learned from winning the championship. If you want to win, we This must be done, which is why it is difficult to win a championship."

In addition to its own injuries, the Warriors also have to face the challenges of other competitors on the road to defending. This year, the strength of the West has obviously increased, and the Warriors have lost the number one spot in the West.

"We know how good the Rockets are," said Durant NBA MT Coins. "We also know how good the Thunder and the Jazz are because we have played with them. Some people think we are unbeatable. It's cool, but We are not invincible. You have seen injuries we have encountered. We are not Superman. I think that when we play in the right way, we will be very good. But if we are not focused enough, then we may lose to any team. ."

In the playoffs last year, the Warriors almost won the championship, but they lost to the Cavaliers in Game 4 of the Finals.

"I know how difficult it is to beat the guys (Cavaliers)." Durant said, "You all saw that when we weren't focused enough, we could easily lose 20 points. That game (last year's finals 4) I've watched it many times."


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