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The Timberwolves have a difference of wins

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Posted on: 04/07/18
On April 7, the Minnesota Timberwolves defeated the Los Angeles Lakers 113-96. Their improved record has put a lot of pressure on the Western Conference teams competing for the playoffs. The Spurs, Thunder, Thunderbolt, and Nuggets have a team that has been eliminated. They may loosen up and say goodbye to the playoffs.

Today, the cricket team won the sun earlier. Their record reached 45 wins and 34 losses, equal to the Spurs and Thunder, ranking fifth in the west. After the subsequent Timberwolves won the game, the record was 45 wins and 35 losses, due to a multi-race reason temporarily ranked eighth in the west. However, Jimmy Butler's early return to the Timberwolves for the playoffs to increase the number of places to increase the bargaining chip, followed by the low tide with the Grizzlies they are in the pits, and the Nuggets to compete with Minnesota may be more confident to win.

With most of the Western Conference teams still having 3 games left to end the regular season, competition in the postseason format has become increasingly fierce. The Spurs faced the Blazers, the Kings and the Wolves in the next three games. Among them, the two teams in addition to the Kings were all in the forefront of the Western Conference. The Spurs and the Wolves formed direct competition for the playoffs. The relationship between the two games this season, three losses and one win. And the battle with the Trail Blazers is likely to be a preview of the first round in the Western Conference. Therefore, for the Spurs, the two strong enemies must be killed, otherwise they may miss the last train in the playoffs.

For Thunder, their situation is also very difficult. They will face the Rockets, Heat and Grizzlies in the last three games respectively. Two consecutive away games, facing the league's first team and the team that is competing for the Eastern Conference playoffs, the Thunder need to adjust the state to win. The Grizzlies, who have lost hope in the playoffs, have won the Thunder three times this season. The Memphis will not bring them too much trouble.

Currently, the Nuggets are ranked ninth in the West. They are only half the distance from the Timberwolves NBA MT Coins. However, the Nuggets will face the Clippers, Portland Trail Blazers and Timberwolves in the last three games. Two of the three teams are competing for the playoffs, and the Trail Blazers must consolidate the third position in the West. Therefore, it is difficult for the Nuggets to catch up with other teams to enter the playoffs at the last minute.

The Jubilee team made a slight stand because they won the match today. But the next three games face the Warriors, the Clippers and the Spurs. First, the Warriors need to rush for the Raptors, and the Clippers have to fight for the final theoretical playoffs. The Spurs are self-evident. They are a big competitor in the battle for cards. Therefore, you must not take it lightly. Any changes before the end of the regular season may affect the playoffs.

The 10th Clippers and the Timberwolves have a difference of 2.5 wins. They want to hope that one team from 5-8 will lose all at the last minute and win the Nuggets, Wolves and the Lakers. Only the theoretical possibility rushes into the top eight. The fourth Jazz has thrown away the fifth win. They are in a safe position and will not fall out of the top eight without much accident. And the Trail Blazers only lead them to 2 wins, and the Jazz wants to leap to the west. There is a glimmer of hope.


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