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The stabilization features

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Posted on: 01/02/18
IPhone X will provide 64GB and 256GB versions, starting with $999. The device will provide a blank gray or silver. Scheduled to open on October 27, released ahead of November 3. IPhone x features a animojis, animated emojis, mimicking your facial expression Madden 18 Coins. Users will be able to create and share animojis in Apple messages.

The IPhone X has a 12MP dual camera, a better low light zoom, four-channel true Color flash, dual-optical stabilization features, and support for 4K video and augmented reality. The cell phone's battery life is 2 hours longer than the iphone 7 and supports wireless charging using QI's open wireless standard. Airpower can also be recharged to the iphone, Apple Watch and airpods charging stations.

Apple also revealed that the iphone 8 and iphone 8 Plus, like iphone x, have a glass in front and behind. It also has a new Retina HD display, 8 plus model with 5.5 "screen, Standard Model with 4.7" display. In addition, Apple announced that the device's new operating system iOS 11 will arrive on September 19. Here you can see the iphone 8, the iphone 8 Plus, the iphone x and the iphone 7 comparison.


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