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The seventeenth century pirates of prosperous maritime trade

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Posted on: 03/15/18
The snail number and Wildcard cooperation, on the one hand, "ark: survival evolution", whether from the product temperament, or the innovative concept, is quite compatible with the snail number. Will, therefore, it has the excellence of product abroad back to home, will no doubt as to the end of the tour market impact, an important force in driving the development of end markets, open people's perception of the sand box game. On the other hand, it is better to cooperate with Wlidcard in depth and gradually improve the development and layout of its sandbox game.

In the year of 2016, the snail Numbers have released three new end games, namely, "the nine Yin zhen jing 2", "sailing century 2: pirate survival", "darkness and light" ARK Survival Evolved Items. All three games are self-developed sandbox theme. The "nine Yin true classics 2" is the new sandbox class end game with the "nine Yin zhen jing" as the IP, and the "wuxia brand" which has been painstakingly built by snail game for many years has made more "freestyle" innovation.

China's first 3D online game developed by snails in 2004. The Chinese online gaming via South Korea in the first paragraph of the "Marine century", released under the much-anticipated "pirates of the maritime century 2: survival, should through the real origin of goods distribution, and industry lines, recreate the seventeenth century pirates of prosperous maritime trade and passionate life. "Darkness and light", the first of its kind in the world, was one of the first overseas products to focus on the game. After obtaining the original copyright in 2008, the snail game is dedicated to realizing the grand vision of the product. 12 years of persistence, the game's grand idea from the original "whimsical" to today's "dream come true".


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