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The Rookie Premiere Player Of Your Choice

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Posted on: 10/27/17
Today EA has released the Rookie Premiere program in the Madden Ultimate team. This is the first time this year that we have seen players completed in Madden 17 will bring Madden 18. Let's take a quick look at how the Rookie Premiere program works.

Each Rookie Premiere player will require 10 Rookie Premiere patches to complete. Once you've completed the Rookie Premiere player of your choice, you will earn a 99 NV player in Madden 17 and unlock the player's element in Madden 18 with the rankings Madden 18 Coins that will be updated as new player versions are released in Madden from 18 January . You can get Rookie Premiere patches from the Starter Rookie Awards, MUT Rewards, complete sets, solo and buy packages.

If you need extra Rookie Premiere Patches, you can complete the Rookie Premiere patch set that requires 4 Rookie Premiere Gold players for 1 Rookie Premiere patch. You can also complete the new Rookie Challenge Challenge Challenge with just 10 challenges that will give you 12,000 coins and 1 Rookie Premiere patch.

What do you think of the Rookie Premiere program Which Rookie Premiere players do you feel have the greatest possibility of upgrades in Madden 18


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