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The Rockets eventually lost to the Spurs

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Posted on: 04/02/18
On April 2, the Rockets lost 83-100 in the away game to the Spurs. In this game, the Rockets' two strikers, PJ-Tuck and Gerald Green, were all injured, causing the Rockets to make a cold sweat.

In the first half of the game, Tucker flew out in a straight line to save the ball, and his back of the head seemed to hit the cameraman on the sidelines, which made Tucker painful to sit on the ground and burst his mouth.

At the end of the first half, Tucker competed for rebounds in the basket. As a result, he had physical contact with Spurs guard Mills in the air, causing his body to lose focus and hitting the back heavily.

Tucker's fall and the loss of yesterday's Warriors teenager McCaw’s loss seem exactly the same, but the difference is that McCaw yesterday could not stand up on the ground, eventually being carried off the court by a stretcher, and Tucker today Just lying on the floor for a while, he stood up, and also spent the rest of the first half, enough to see Tucker's body is very human.

In fact, since Tucker returned to the NBA in 2012, he is the league's number one in appearances NBA MT Coins.

Also in the first half, Rocket wing player Gerrard Green and Spurs guard Mills collided. As a result, Green's knees seemed to be hit. He later applied for a foul, and then limped back to the bench, on the bench. After sitting for a while, Green followed the Rockets trainer Jones back to the locker room.

Fortunately, Tucker and Green played in the second half, and the injury doesn't seem to matter.

Although the Rockets eventually lost to the Spurs, the winning streak was ended, but with the playoffs in sight, it does not matter if the Rockets lost a regular season game. The most important thing is to ensure health.


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