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The revamped Lampredi V12 engine

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Posted on: 01/08/18

Until Spa 330 P4 swept the top three of daytona. Spa 330 P4 beats ford in the United States. When ferrari gets a taste of revenge, all the people really know about the horrors of Spa 330 P4. The secret of Spa 330 P4's success is the ferrari's massive makeover of the Lampredi V12 engine. The revamped Lampredi V12 engine is fitted with a new three-valve cylinder cover FM7 Credits and a jet fuel supply system that further boosts the power of the new car to 450 horsepower.

​At the San Diego Comic Con party yesterday, Microsoft hosted a live event. At the event, Microsoft invited several Hollywood stars to play Forza Motorsport 7. But the stars of the trials are all over the party, and many of them are already drinking too much. It turns out that "drunk driving" can also be flipped in the game. Take a look at some of these videos.


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