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Posted on: 12/25/17
Stafford has scored 20 touchdowns this season and has dropped a lot compared to the 41 games in 2011. 17 interception, more than 2011 years, is the rookie season since the second place of career; 4,767 passes are 727 times; QB rating is 79.8, the lowest rating since rookie season. He also rushed to the highest career 126 yards and 4 touchdowns. 

July 7, 2013, Stafford agreed to a 3-year extension with the Lions for $53 million. By 2017, he will receive a 41.5 million dollar guarantee. On January 19, 2015, announcing Stafford was selected into the 2015 professional Bowl, his first professional bowl looks. 

LOLGA is your intermediary partner in the field of games and online games! LOLGA will serve you here better with the great support! LOLGA will do the best to repay you. LOLGA.COM wish you happy every day, every minute! He will be replaced by Peyton's Denver Mustang, due to four injuries. For this game, he was named Pro Bowl attacking MVP, 316 passes, 2 touchdowns and one intercept.

On December 13, 2015, Stafford reached 25,000 passes in his 90th career and became the fastest four-point guardian to reach this milestone, surpassing the previous record of Danmarino's 92 games. On December 21, Stafford released a singles tournament with the highest pass scoring, breaking Jon Kitna's one-field franchise record at a 88.0 completion rate. He completed 25 25 yards, 254 and 3 touchdowns in 25 games, reaching the New Orleans Saints ' 15-35 win. Stafford became the first four quarterback in the NFL's history, completing 60% or more passes in all 16 games.


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