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The powerful memory of Xbox One X

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Posted on: 03/13/18
"The ARK: Survival evolution ARK: Survival" development team Studio Wildcard Studio producer Jeremy Stieglitz walked into Microsoft's "in-depth discussion of Xbox One X optimization" series of themed events. In the form of questions and answers, we introduced the XboxOne X optimization details and their views on the XboxOne X development environment and 4K HDR technology.

What special optimization did your team do for the Xbox One X version of the ark: evolution?

In the Xbox One X on us as the ark: survival evolution "image detail mode" option has been added ARK Items, in this mode the game resolution up to 1440 p, and provides the optimal picture resolution. These options include long distance shadows, higher quality textures, volume cloud effects, dynamic weather systems, and atomization effects. At the same time, the game also added the "HDR mode" option. Players can experience amazing and rich lighting effects on HDR devices. In terms of gaming experience, thanks to the powerful memory of Xbox One X, we removed the "proximity restrictions" that had previously been enforced in split screen mode. The speed of the game was increased, and the number of Xbox One X consoles increased from 50 to 70.


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