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The Nuggets lost to the Heat

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Posted on: 03/21/18
The Nuggets lost to the Heat with a score of 141-149 in the away game. After the game, the Nuggets lag behind in the playoffs competition. Hopes for the playoffs are getting more and more crooked, but the Nuggets’ generals have not given up. the meaning of NBA MT Coins.

Speaking of the damage caused by the team’s defeat today, Paul Millsap said: “This is very hurt. We worked so hard and we played two extra time and lost the game. But we still have hope. We are away. We have to play a few games and we all have to win. The gates of the playoffs have not yet closed. We still have hope. We only need to play and do our job."

Talking about the team's hopes for the playoffs, Nuggets guard Jamal Murray also expressed the same thoughts of Millsap. Murray said: "Now we can't think about losing things. This game is over. We Need to sleep and get ready for the next game. We can't afford too much for this game. We need to learn lessons and move on."

The Nuggets will play against the Bulls this Thursday. This is the Nuggets' most winning game. When talking about this game, head coach Michael Malone said: "Victory is the best healing drug and it won't be easy to win the Bulls. There are 11 games to be played, it's hard to win every game, I'm sure Chicago will cause trouble for us, start the away game with an unacceptable defeat, make the situation more difficult, but we need to play and give ourselves An opportunity, though not a victory, is also an improvement. Now we must go to Chicago to win the game. We must have a conviction to win.”


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