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The most coveted award for all players

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Posted on: 01/09/18
The regular season ended in April, followed by the playoffs. NBA officials will continue to give awards to players who have performed well in the regular season, as well as the selection of the best team, the best defensive team and the rookie lineup. The NBA's most valuable player, the MVP of the year, the most coveted award for all players. From the individual ability of the players, the influence of the team and the team performance and other comprehensive evaluation LOLGA.

NBA rookie of the year, the best rookie of the year; The best defensive player in the NBA, the best defensive player of the year, most of whom are awarded by the center; The best sixth person in the NBA, the best bench player of the year, the number of substitutes must be greater than the number of starters; The NBA's fastest growing player, the fastest growing player of the year; The best coach in the NBA, the best team coach in the league, doesn't necessarily win the award, and is usually awarded by a coach who is good at digging up the team's potential and leading the team to unexpected results.


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