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The most beloved stars

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Posted on: 02/19/18
On February 11, former NBA player Stephon Marbury said goodbye to his 22-year career after winning the final game of the game. The six times in the Chinese men's basketball professional league all-star athletes, ended in 2010, 13 years later to China, NBA career thoroughly remould oneself, become one of the most high-profile foreign players here. When he retired, he turned 41. Now he is one of the most beloved stars in the CBA, and he is awarded the honorary citizen by Beijing. He has a green card, a museum, a statue, a stamp, and even a musical NBA Live Coins.

At the last minute, both sides seemed to take a step back and let Marbury shine. At the end of the game, there were still dozens of seconds left, when he threw himself into the final three-pointer and grinned. After the win, he sat on the edge of the field, tears streaming down his face, though the scene was crowded with snap shots. The screen showed the glorious hours of his career, with wiz khalifa's sad song "goodbye to the day". Later, he walked to the center of the stadium to deliver a speech, before the smiling cheerleaders were moved to tears. He told the audience at the Beijing Olympic sports center: "here in China, I have finished my basketball career, which has brought me to a complete and desired position. It's here, not the NBA, not anywhere else. It should end here, with you, just with you."


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