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The key to unlock decorative items

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Posted on: 03/01/18
The rocket league opened the box system for six months to replace a wave box.

Connors says that when the championship series is retired, other new boxes will be decommissioned after six months, and so on. But the items in these retired boxes will also be available in other boxes. In February, for example, the "player select" box in the box has been found in other boxes. Psyonix will be released in advance before each random box is retired. In addition, Psyonix will reveal more about the RLCS season 3 global championships in the near future.

The open box system is a new method introduced in September 2016, which randomly drops behind the player to purchase the key to unlock and obtain decorative items Rocket League Crates. And the drop box will not be added to the Steam market, nor will it affect the subsequent free content of the game and the development of DLC. In April, the rocket federation officially announced that the "rocket league" will be operated by tencent's game agency, which is expected to be rolled out.


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