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The items in these boxes are very rare

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Posted on: 02/17/18
A video game classified as Esport, with a system in which you can use a crate to make cosmetics for your character. These crates are freely available in the game, but the key purchased in a micro-transaction is unlocked. The items in these boxes are very rare and can be exchanged with other players. In the official description of the concept, in the "Rumble" of the functional statement, crates and keys are psyonix in a way that allows the Esport contest to receive additional funding Rocket League Keys

Specifically, Psyonix said: "As the competitive environment of the rocket League continues to grow, our support for its players needs to grow with it." "Psyonix's claim is correct; The Esport award pool of the Rocket League has been very bad compared with other ports. From August 8, 2015 to August 7, 2016, all the Rockets have won 100,000 of dollars in the competition. The lack of bonuses means fewer teams and players, which is not conducive to the development of the port, especially when it is still in its early stages.


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