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The important Grand Prix championship

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Posted on: 12/30/17
Bankruptcy during the storm, enzo Ferrari, who established, called the Scuderia Ferrari of the new team, when it is equivalent to the status of alfa romeo team's branch, using a relatively old alfa romeo 8 c 2300 Monzas racing, tower, giorgio nuwoleailiye larry FM7 Credits also became a member of the Ferrari. But although due to funding problems missed the first 25 RACES, the team in both drivers or after winning all six of 11 games remaining, which including two very important Grand Prix championship.

In 1934, alfa romeo stepped up the size of the P3, which was the first Grand Prix Grand Prix champion to win the Grand Prix and a "red whirlwind" on the field. This year, the P3 has won 18 of 35 grand prix RACES, winning over 50%. However, with the rise of Mercedes and auto-union (the predecessor of audi), the Grand Prix Grand Prix competition was unusually competitive in 1935.


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