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The celtics were alive at the start of the season

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Posted on: 03/19/18
The celtics, who were alive at the start of the season, are now completely sick, and unlike the warriors, they don't even know when they will recover...

Not long ago the celtics at home in the playoffs level opponent wizards, Owen, jay brown, horford, smart, Daniel tice five stars all injuries, work last season opener reimbursement hayward, the team almost a whole lineup in recent high sitting idle NBA MT Coins.

In the face of such a situation, the team's general manager, Danny angie, responded with a wry smile: "if you don't sign me, I'm at least healthy."

The sudden wave of injuries has killed the green shirts' ambitions on the beach in early spring.

His ill-fated right hand epitomises the recent fate of the celts.

The defender in January, has a whole month for hand injury, he was in a hotel room through social media when all of a sudden heart of hatred, of a punch in the wall frame, so the right hand injury, and we encountered a lot of coach Stevens.

As you can imagine, this defensive player in the contract year is desperate for new work after the return of the team, for the team and for himself. However, his right hand, which he used to take away from martial arts, was punished by fate.


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