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The Cavaliers Still Have The Ability To Win The Eastern Conference

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Posted on: 10/30/17
Despite the cavaliers in the offseason drama this year, but their way to the east champion unobstructed, still more than 75% of those in our expert group have named their fourth year in a row to the NBA finals. Regardless of the cavs' chemical reaction, it would be difficult for any other team in the east to shake the cavaliers' dominance if Owen remained in the cavaliers LOLGA. Even if Owen is eventually traded, the cavaliers, led by James, still have the ability to win the eastern conference. During the past three seasons, when James was present and Owen was not there, the cavaliers had a net win of 9.6 points per 100 rounds. When James and Owen were present, the cavs scored 9.5 points per 100 rounds. Although Owen's scoring abilities are hard to replace, there are signs that the cavaliers are the best team in the east as long as James is there.

If the cavs trade Owen, the celtics will have a chance. Although the eastern conference finals last season, the celtics to 4-1 loss to Cleveland, but without the outbreak of Owen in game 4, when James by foul trouble), the total score will be a 2-2 ping. If the cavs and celtics meet again in the playoffs, whether Owen is still in the cavaliers, the celtics should be better prepared. If both jay brown and Jason tatum do well, the celtics' flank will be great. The wizards' two big moves this year were to extend the pay contract and match the nets to porter's top salary. Now, the hope of the wizards hitting the championship will continue to be in the development of young players. Potter's performance was good, and last season he was in sixth place with a negative real value, and the wizards had the highest scoring team. But the wizards relied too heavily on the starting lineup, and last season, their starting lineup hit 1347 minutes, nearly 500 minutes more than the second-most starting lineup.


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