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The Big Winner Is Rocket League

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Posted on: 11/03/17
Another British game, Her Story, won in three categories: Debut Game, Mobile and Handheld Game and Game Innovation. The game was almost made by a developer Sam Barlow, a nervous detective drama where the player watched a video of a murder suspect and was interviewed by the police to ascertain her guilt Rocket League Items. The game, under the development of micro-budget, quickly sold more than 100,000 units on PCs, tablets and smartphones.

Another big winner is Rocket League, a multiplayer online sports game, which combines football and racing. The game, which includes home, multiplayer games and best sporting games, defeats Fifa 16, fatalistic and Lego mainstream rivals. A few years ago, developer Psyonix created a game called the Supersonic "rocket-powered" chariot, which has no traces, but the company has been working on contracts and has created games in Rocket League. The game has now sold over 4 million units.


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