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The Basis For Solving The Game' s Harassment

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Posted on: 10/26/17
In the two years since Rocket League was launched in July 2015, our community has grown to a staggering 34 million players. As our communities grow larger, we also need to make sure that Rocket League is a safe, risk-free place where all ages and backgrounds of players get together to perform the sweetest air targets and flip-flop. 

The basis for solving the game's harassment is our "player mute" and "Report" system, which can be obtained from the game menu Buy Rocket League Items. This week, we will build a new automation layer on our player reporting system to achieve a ban on reporting. This automation, simply called the "language ban" system, will automatically prohibit gamers from playing online because certain words-such as racial discrimination-are seen in the reports submitted by our players.


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