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Stephen Curry want to join the school basketball

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Posted on: 02/22/18
Stephen Curry after graduating from high school, attended duke university basketball camp, want to join the school basketball, but the old coach K at duke university and his coach team think Curry too irresolution, not adapt to the intensity of the NCAA, so give up on it. In the first year of the season, Curry was ranked as the best newcomer and scorer of the SEC league by averaging 21.5 per game. In the second game of the university, he contributed 32 points, 9 rebounds and 4 assists NBA MT Coins. In the 2007 south district championship, broke the record of three points.

In March 2008, Davidson college have to overcome the country's seventh, strengthen learning, the NCAA no. 2 seed at Georgetown university and the third at the university of Wisconsin, Curry has become in the history of the four NCAA tournament one of the players get 30 points a game in the first four. Curry made the record for the NCAA 3-pointer at the university of Kansas when he made the 159th mark of the season. Curry completed the transition from the attacking guard to the point guard, averaging 28.6 points across the United States, with 4.4 rebounds, 5.6 assists and 2.5 steals per game. Beyond legend John can become the history of Davidson college leading scorer, had against Oklahoma with Blake griffin, scored 42 points, refresh their NCAA single-game scoring record.


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