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Some difference between racing and real racing

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Posted on: 12/29/17

Never confuse racing with real driving. The old driver in the racing game doesn't have to be a good driver in the real world. So, can we say that racing and real driving have nothing to do with it? Not quite. Well-known car critics YanYuPeng (YYP) once said, now racing simulation game actually has done very well, if you can play in these games to the sublime, so which day you go to a real car, also will probably have seven or eight performance very much.

Yes, although there may be some difference between racing and real racing, there is a positive correlation Forza 7 Credits between the two. After all, want to run out of good grades, you must brush ring to it over and over again, remember the position of each corner, remember that the best way of every corner, and master the timing of the throttle and brake, should not only keep the speed, and pay attention to the line - these are actually in the real world of driver experience every day in, only the training platform for different.


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