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Most of the collection players are around

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Posted on: 04/06/18
The MT mode in "NBA2K17" is the most common to accompany us, so the player selection in this is very important.

Collecting non-repeatable cards (including sneakers) will have a collection bonus, and the ultimate reward is pink diamond Kobe. Judging from the current progress, a few local tyrants have already obtained Chamberlain, and most of the collection players are around 2000-2100. Not surprisingly, this week's new history card package NBA MT Coins and theme package will be released. There will be many people show Zhang Dashuai on the post.

Taking 2K16 as an example, Jordan would need 3000-10,000 pieces if the players are updated every time they start selling. The roads to collect are repetitive and depreciating quickly. I know that a classmate who entered the pit in May last year borrowed a lot of cards and got Jordan in the last 300 dollars. So the 2K17 wit has a lock card function.

Biweekly update of the history team card package, lasting for two weeks, and then out of print, the two teams each 15 players, the collection of these 15 players will get the history of drilling cards.

One week after the card package was released, it would be possible to purchase the card without going to the market. It takes about RMB 100-200 to collect a team. If you collect a team that has been out of print, you will be determined by the number of cards in the market based on the time of the printout and the time period.


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