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James Lin a basketball fan

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Posted on: 02/24/18
Jeremy Lin is destined for basketball. His father, James Lin, came to the United States for two purposes: to study for a doctorate and to watch the NBA. "My dad," Jeremy Lin once said with a laugh, "is a basketball fan."

Like most loves basketball's father, James Lin like took his son to go to the basketball court, not hope one day son will rely on basketball fame, he is just simply believe that their children can borrow basketball into the mainstream society. From a young age, James Lin, he took his three sons, basketball specially trained three times a week, all the training skills is James Lin from the broadcast of NBA middle school NBA Live Coins.

However, when Lin entered the high school basketball team, he was only 160 centimeters tall. But by the time he reached high school,Jeremy Lin had grown to 188 cm and led his high school team to the state championship. It also made James Lin look forward to more: "I've never imagined that Jeremy Lin would be in college or professional basketball one day. I just loved watching him play, but then I suddenly realized he was a surprise in my life. I told him more than once that my dream had come true when I was young.


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