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I'm good at driving games

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Posted on: 10/23/17
The Rockets League can make the game a focus. It needs to have a good pattern or rule set, but all goals are rockets based football, have different team sizes, and similar simple rules. The time of the game, like a tedious statistic, did not notice that it made the rocket League very addictive. The visual style of the game is brighter; The Rocket League is just a game of entertainment, a loss or a win. With friends, this is the fun you get in a rocket-controlled football game Rocket League Items.

I've been playing Rocket league lately. I'm very bad at fps, I'm good at driving games. It took me a long time to start practicing until I did well on the RL.

Today, Psyonix also released the "Rumble" model, which is good. Everyone has a 10-second countdown. When your timer reaches 0, you get a random force. Like a spring boot, or a frozen ray, or a sucker with a bungie rope. The physical principle of RL is difficult to compute, and adding random changes to the momentum of the ball does make it more interesting. At first it was annoying, but the balance of power was good and both teams were equal.

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My favorite rumbling moment happened because I like to play defense or goalkeeper. The other team scored, and it was sure to score. I can't stop the player or the ball. So I shot my frozen line on the ball and stopped at the mouth of the goal. Then I drove around it and knocked the frozen ball open.


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