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For those who love football

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Posted on: 03/12/18
"If you use the perfect word, Pele is almost there, he is the greatest football player in the history of this game," said Franz Beckenbauer, a former West German star, at ESPN Classic's SportsCentury.

Former British Secretary of State Henry Kissinger said: "The heroes go alone, but when they ruin their lives and touch the hearts of all of us, they become myths." For those who love football FIFA Coins, Edson Arantes do Nascimento is usually called Pele (Pele), is a hero.

Pele. The name is short but significant. There are many stories that explain the source of the name, but no one can explain this phenomenon.

It all started in the back seat of Brazil, a little boy named Dicky played better than the children of other neighbors. One day the other boy started calling him Pele. He did not know where the name came from, because the Portuguese did not make sense, but he did not like it. Dike and other children think that Perry is an insult. Regardless of. The name is stuck

Athlete Pierre is also everywhere. In 1958, people began to watch the World Cup's first international radio. Black and white screen shining with a 17-year-old thin child, playing with imagination and spirit, around the experienced veterans run around. Before the end of the World Cup, Pele's name shot around the world.


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