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Flores brought Oakland Raiders to another season

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Posted on: 03/14/18
After 10 consecutive victories and Super Bowl titles, John Madden left coach in 1979 to pursue a career as a television soccer commentator. His bench was former Oakland Raiders quarterback Tom Flores, NFL history of the first Hispanic coach. Flores brought Oakland Raiders to another 9-7 season, but not the playoffs.

When Al Davis moved the team to turmoil in Los Angeles in 1980, Flores finished the 11-5 season in the 11-5 season and got a wildcard berth and guided Oakland Raiders Third super bowl. Quarterback Jim Plankett revived his career, took over at the start of the game five o'clock start Darn lost this season after the broken leg, the boss Al Davis had picked up Pastori Nicholas, he changed quarterback and Houston oil workers, sent the beloved root Stubler's oil workers NFL Coins. The attackers defeated Stabler and "Oil Man" in the "Wildcat" game and defeated Cleveland Browns 14-12 to enter the AFC Championship. AFC Western Champion Santiago Charger's Commando entered the third Super Bowl.

In the Super Bowl XV, Oakland Raiders faces head coach Dick Wilmer's Philadelphia Hawks. Oakland Raiders dominated the Hawks, in the first quarter of the first game, the early 14-0 ahead of Plunkett's two touchdowns, including the Super Bowl record 80 yards, and rushed to the Kenny King. A Cliff Blanche third quarter touchdown to the Oakland Raiders 21-3 in the third quarter. They will continue to win 27-10, won their second Super Bowl and became the first team to win the Super Bowl after entering the playoffs.


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