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Finson may have used too much force

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Posted on: 03/20/18
On March 20, the Pacers played against the Lakers at home. It may be too much force. The sole of the sneaker worn by the Pacers's guard Lance Stephenson actually opened.

Judging from the pictures taken on the court, Stephenson's left-footed sneakers obviously had soles open. In the basketball game, the sudden drop of the NBA player's shoes is more common, but this kind of soles is rarely opened.

It seems that Finson may have used too much force in the game, so that the soles of the shoes have been opened.

Interestingly, perhaps Finson had invested too much in the game. He didn't realize at the beginning that his soles were open, and he played several rounds on the court NBA MT Coins.

Stephenson is a very personal player. As long as he is on the court, there is no shortage of topics in this game. Today, Finson was able to open the soles of the game. It was estimated that the five major players in the Olympians were not running.


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