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Durant led the Golden State Warriors

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Posted on: 12/24/17
Warrior culture in the NBA is also true. It was amazing to see Durant easily into a team that had just won a record in a season. Kerr was lucky to have the superstar like Durant and Curry put the team on his own, but he was also the coach who gave them joy. Without it, they are just another team with lots of good players. It is difficult to imagine Kerr through the wound, the body twisted into the aircraft seat, wearing more than 100 shoes every year to wear shoes. 

If the pain still exists, he will have to leave, when he goes, holding the warrior's string also go away. That is not to say that Brown can not get more titles in Jinzhou. He is a good coach. But his way is not Kerr's way. No one is. Durant led the Golden State Warriors in the fifth game with a 129-120 victory, won the James and Cleveland Cavaliers, won the first championship. This is the third of the best warriors in three years.

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