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Devin asked Ross to postpone the game

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Posted on: 01/11/18
Ross arranged an exhibition game for the Devonshire scouts, scheduled to take place in two weeks. Devin was worried about the game, but colt was invited to the NFL super regional league Madden Mobile Coins, and he decided to join the show and help him. At a press conference the day before the game, Devin's confidence was shattered by questions about his disappearing career in Texas.

Devin asked Ross to postpone the game, but he and Julia were fired. Jack tries to persuade devin to stay, but he and colt drive home. In Texas, colt told devin that he was tired of helping him, and that he would give up only when the situation Madden Mobile Account became difficult. Devin started working athis friend's construction company, and his colleagues and former Mathis teammates remember their high school days.


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