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Davis' Ability To Catch The Ball

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Posted on: 10/31/17
It's been a big week for the Washington players, with Madden 18 players updating their ratings. Davis's overall approval rating has dropped by six percentage points this week. The biggest reason for the drop was not much to do with Davis' ability to catch the ball. In fact, his CTH and CIT ratings both rose by 1 percentage point. The fall was due to his RBK down 20 points and his PBK rating of 11. 

It is not entirely certain why these Numbers have fallen sharply from last week's ratings, but they do. That makes Davis a loser in the Madden 18 player upgrade. FYI: Davis' TE opponent Jordan Reid Buy Madden 18 Coins also lost three points, which made him a big loser in the ratings upgrade, but only so many redskins can do it right? 

Madden's approval ratings are suffering from his team, and he has recently been beaten by some sacks. RT fell by four points on his PBK and RBK. That doesn't look like much, but as those Numbers have declined in recent weeks, that figure has increased throughout the season. In the online H2H game, it's getting more and more easy to get matt Ryan's support as ratings for his o-o line go down, which is another big blow. Schraeder and the falcons are losers in this week's update of 18 players from Schraeder.


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