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Cornish did not have injuries

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Posted on: 03/18/18
The cavaliers is nearing the end of their this wave of six straight away, and before today's game against the bulls, they experienced workers, now they are only nine healthy players can play.

According to cavs coach lu, he will send calderon, hill, lebron, Jeff green, and Nikko's starting lineup today. Their substitutes were JR, clarkson, Holland, and piantes. Both players are on the verge of signing a two-way contract.

In addition, the ottomans suffered a fourth consecutive armistice because of a left hip injury, and Thompson had a sixth consecutive truce because of a sprained right ankle.

Cornish did not have injuries, but he did not stay with the team because of the emergency medical conditions in his family, so he left the team and returned home NBA MT Coins.

"This is really difficult," lu said. "the players in the squad in and out, all sorts of different starting lineup, tonight is really a challenge, a difficult game, I think, if you can win, we ended up with a 3-3 record this road trip, after so many injury cases, the experience so many lineup adjustment, under the condition of I think for us, it is a successful road."


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