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Adjust good pace is the key

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Posted on: 01/05/18
Practice three layup, adjust good pace is the key. Three steps, as the name suggests, is to complete the goal in three steps. Therefore, to adjust the step size, can not walk to the layup, but should be done in the running. Jogging best for beginners to practice in slow motion. When preparing for a three-step layup, you will be able to take a step, two, and three steps in your heart LOLGA. The stride size should be the same as the normal running size, which is more natural.

When the basket is far away from the basket, the steps should be larger, or the third step will find that it is far from the basket and not easy to throw the ball into. Instead of being close to the basket, make a small step, or the third jump will likely run to the back of the rebound.


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