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A fantastic set of basic rules

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Posted on: 02/28/18
Two years later, in retrospect, "Rocket League" is undoubtedly an excellent and mature competitive game. It is a clever blend of the big rules of sports games and the feel of racing games, drawing on the characteristics of both, and building a fantastic set Rocket League Crates of basic rules with a unique physics engine. IGN has always had its own high levels of cold and pride as a foreign game medium, but earlier this month they accidentally changed the score of a game two years ago.

Recently, IGN reviewed the "Rocket League" and gave a high evaluation of 9.3. IGN believes that the "Rocket League" now has a much better player experience than the original version, and the production team really developed a good idea for the amazing work Rocket League Keys. Coincidentally, I was also working on a new "Rocket League" review as IGN released the new "Rocket League" review. But unlike what we measured two years ago, this time, the benchmark was a quiet "Rocket League" on the WeGame platform.


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